4 thoughts on “dream: martial arts training, my way

  1. Paprica-san, I love martial arts! When my older brother was taking lessons, I wanted to go with him, but, In those days (decades ago!) girls were not allowed in Japan.
    I enjoyed your pictures.

    1. Hiroe-san,

  2. My ancestors were samurai. So, I must have it in my blood! At my age, can’t even do the “goro-goro” style! Enjoy your youth when you have it in your hands!


    1. Hire-san!!
      何故かこのコメントだけがスパムに入ってしまっていて、今気づきました! ごめんなさいっ。
      お侍さんのお家なのですね☆ かっこいいな。。。我が家は間違いなく農民です。

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