spiralling cat and me


6 thoughts on “spiralling cat and me

      1. Paprica-san,

        How interesting. Have you read a book titled, “Why Buddhism Is True” (2017) by (Prof.) Robert Wright? I am enjoy reading the book right now. If you have not, I strongly recommend it.


          1. My pleasure!

            The library might have a long waiting list such as Seattle’s. (over 400 people waiting some time ago.) In that case, you would enjoy reading “Muimina jinsei nado hitotsu mo nai” by Hiroyuki Itsuki. I liked this book every much. After reading the book, I felt peace in my mind. (hoka hoka!)


          2. Why Buddhism… の本は図書館にありました!ウェイトリストに名前を残しました〜。日本語の本は限られているので、五木さんのはなかったです。残念… またオススメの本があれば教えて下さいね!

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