campus fashion: all-in-orange girl


6 thoughts on “campus fashion: all-in-orange girl

  1. Hi Paprica-san,

    Would you believe I wore the orange jumpsuit ????? years ago? If I wear it now the people think I went crazy!
    Enjoy our beautiful summer.

    1. Hi Hiroe-san,

      No kidding. May I ask why??
      Well, this girl was wearing tight tracksuits-like top&bottom. super bright fluorescent orange. I just wanted to ask her which planet she’s from.
      Thank you, you too enjoy this beautiful weather!!

      1. Paprica-san,

        Actually mine was subtle burnt orange. It was Liz Claiborne’s loosely fitted very comfortable soft cotton jumpsuit. I wore it on my Hawaiian vacation. I don’t remember whatever happened to the suit but I don’t think I wore it after I got home in San Francisco. I must have donated to the Salvation Army!

        1. Aww… hiroeさんっ!お返事遅れてごめんなさい! なぜだかわからないのですがスパムに入っちゃっていたんです。
          Burnt orangeは素敵な色ですよ。私が見たこの子のオレンジとは違いますっ!
          普段絶対に着れないけれど、ハワイのような開放的な街では着れてしまうものってありますね♪ リサイクルされたジャンプスーツ、誰かがどこかで得意気に着ているかもしれませんねっ。

          1. Seems orange color (in any shade) became more fashionable in the past few years. I saw Victoria Beackham (spell?) wearing many times. Just yesterday I saw a gray hair elderly lady wearing a orange shirt with white cotton slim pants. She looked great!

          2. Hello Hire-san,
            Personally I love orange. Orange+white pants in the summer time! Yes, just like the popsicle! I actually have orange linen pants and white no-sleeve shirt 🙂

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