a man of color

a man of color


4 thoughts on “a man of color

  1. Paprica-san,

    I love your choice of vivid colors and easy draws. I have peeked at your other art work.. Very impressive. You are a very talented young lady. I enjoyed your “dreams” too. I too dream in colors.


    1. Hello Hiroe-san!
      Thank you for such a kind comment. This one was actually done by Mr. Clown, my dear doodle teammate, who doesn’t draw often, but I love his charming work. I love colors – using them, looking at them, being in them. Do you draw/paint as well? Do you have your own blog? If so, let me know! Thanks for reading my crazy dream stories as well 🙂

  2. Paprica-san,

    Actually I meant to say about the work of Mr. Clown , (a mystery man?) “A Man of Color” is quite dynamic. Yes, I like drawing and painting since my childhood but in 1970’s (paprika-san wasn’t even born then!) I have switched to photography, enjoyed taking pictures of animals and nature subject. I was active as a “Ama-pro-freelancer” until late 80’s. Right now I am under plan to digitized all these films and slides. “a little late but better than never.” I am sorry I do not have blog or web as I am not high-tech person. I am “wait and see” how my digitized photos looks.


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